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Unaweep / Tabeguache Scenic Byway

This 133 mile scenic drive takes three hours and some special consideration, such as a full tank of gas, extra food and water. There are long distances between service stops.

All this preparation is made worth it when you follow the Unaweep Canyon as it knifes through the Uncompagre Plateau. Carving through the soft red sandstone the river exposes natural stone all the way back to Precambrian times. Exposing hundreds of millions of years in the geologic record, including fossils of dinosaurs and amphibians.

Miners found the area to be rich in copper and the canyon witnessed a boom around the turn of the century. Many remnants from these wild times can still be found.

During the second world war the U.S. army processed ore from nearby Uravan to produce the uranium used in the first atomic bombs.

All the history aside, this impressive desert region offers shear scenic wonder. Towering 1,000 feet cliffs of every color, raging streams, and magnificent vistas will be your true reward.

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