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Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway

The Anasazi, or ancient ones in the Navajo tongue, lived on the Colorado Plateau in Southwestern Colorado. This scenic drive takes you across the arid and rugged canyon lands and you will travel 114 miles and 1600 years back in native American history.

Explore the mystery of the cliff dwellers. They lived for hundreds of years on the Colorado Plateau, yet many mysteries remain unsolved.

Who were these people? How did they live? Why did they leave? What happened to them? How could thousands of people move and not leave a trace?

You can trace the clues they left behind, magnificent cliff dwellings, rock art, pottery shards. Visit Hovenweep national Monument and Mesa Verde National Park on your scenic byways journey. Don't forget to include the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores where they offer background and interpretive information.

Note: Be respectful of all ancient sites!

For more information contact Mountain Ute Tribal Park, Anasazi Heritage Center, 27501 Highway 184, Dolores, Colorado 81323 (970) 882-4811.

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