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South Platte River Trail Scenic Byway

This short 19 mile loop covers a lot of history. Thousands of gold rush miners passed this way headed for Pikes Peak and the gold fields beyond. Pikes Peak or Bust was their rallying cry!

Visit the only Pony Express Station in Colorado, where 15 year old William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) signed in as a rider. During the indian wars the town of Julesberg was burnt to the ground prompting the establishment of Fort Sedgwick in 1865 to protect the town and the wagon trains from marauding indians.

Visit the old battleground where Cheyenne, Sioux, and Arapahoe warriors attacked a calvary regiment in revenge for the infamous massacre at Sand Creek!

The route follows the Lincoln Highway, the first highway in the United States to go coast to coast.

For more information contact: Sedgwick County Economic Development, 122 W. 1st Street, Julesberg CO 80737 (970)474-3504

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