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Silver Thread Scenic Byway

This remarkable 75 mile journey through Colorado's colorful old mining camps offers history, scenic beauty, and a feeling of authenticity that can't be reproduced anywhere else. The mountain sides above Creed and Lake City abound with abandoned mining structures and 19th century artifacts. Many of these sites are accesible by rugged gravel roads.

Traveling between the two Victorian towns, highway 149 follows the upper stretch of the Rio Grand River. Be sure to see North Clear Creek falls, the Slumgullion earth slide, and the towering Uncompagre Peak.

In 1848 explorer John C. Freemont lost a third of his men to the unforgiving elements. A quarter of a century later the infamous Alferd Packer cannibalized his companions in two consecutive ill-fated winter expeditions. Remember to plan for the elements in this high country adventure.

For more information contact: Creed Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 580, Creed, CO 81130 (719) 658-2374

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