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Guanella Pass Scenic Byway

This 22 mile long pass between Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans will take the traveler through the sub-alpine, alpine, and high tundra eco-systems. In the sub-alpine areas stands of Ponderosa pines and native scrub oaks delight the eye.

While furthur up the thick stands of fir and blue spruce broken by dense groves of quaking aspen excites the senses. Cresting the top of the pass at over 12,000', one marvels at the wildflowers that bloom profusely when the summer sun warms the high tundra.

This area has been used for logging and mining since the 1860's and artifacts from that time abound on the nearby hillsides.

Two of the state's best preserved Victorian towns are nearby, Georgetown and Silver Plume. Take the drive in the fall to see the aspen in their golden glory.

For more information contact: Clear Creek County Tourism Board, P.O. Box 100, Idaho Springs, CO 80476 or call (303) 567-0607

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