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Leadville - Lake Co., CO 80461

Population: 2,629 - Elevation: 10,152 - Area Code: 719

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Points of Interest: Healy House and Dexter Cabin, Heritage Museum, Matchless Mine Cabin, Tabor Opera House, Tabor House, National Mining Hall of Fame, Old Church Arts & Humanities Center

Annual Events: Crystal Carnival Winter Fair in Jan.; Leadville Sled Dog Races in Feb.; St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Snowmobile Races in March; Mtn. Division Ski-In in April; Great Peaks Quadathlon Race in May; Oro City: Rebirth of a Miners Camp, Leadville 20K Road & Trail Run in June; Leadville Music Festival in July; Pack Burro Hall of Fame Race, No Oxygen 10K Race in Aug. Acomodations: 349 units

Visitors Information Chamber of Commerce 809 Harrison Ave 486-3900
Hospitals St. Vincent General Hosp. 822 W. 4th 486-0230
Airports Leadville Airport 915 County Rd 23 486-2627
Colleges Colorado Mountain College 901 U. S. Hwy 24 486-2015
Post Office 130 W. 5th St 486-1667
Libraries Lake County Library 1115 Harrison Ave 486-0569


Healy House &
Dexter Cabin Mus. 912 Harrison Ave 486-0487
Heritage Museum 102 E. 9th St 486-1878
Tabor Home 116 E. 5th St

Public Golf Courses Mt. Massive Golf Course 259 County Rd 5 486-2176
Ski Areas Ski Cooper Hwy. 24 N 486-2277
Police Department 800 Harrison Ave 486-1365
Fire Department 816 Harrison Ave 486-2990
Newspapers Herald Democrat 717 Harrison Ave 486-0641

Leadville was established in 1860 as Oro City Gold Camp.

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