Colorado Resort Adventure Guide


Looking for a real-life "Lost World?" A variety of exciting prehistoric adventures await visitors throughout the Dinosaur Diamond, a large geographic region in western Colorado and eastern Utah that is home to one of the country's best collections of dinosaur-related attractions.

Opportunities to learn about the lost world of dinosaurs range from self-guided trails and fossilized footprints to world-class museums with dinosaur skeletons and animated replicas. Some communities within the Dinosaur Diamond will also host special dinosaur-related activities this summer.

Highlights include: Vernal, UT/Dinosaur & Rangely, CO

o Dinosaur National Monument, located east of Vernal and north of Dinosaur and Rangely, features the preserved remains of more than 2, 000 dinosaur bones in an ancient river sandbar. The bones are exposed in a 200-foot-long wall, now enclosed as a permanent exhibit.

The fossilized remains of a new predator, first thought to be an Allosaurus, recently were uncovered at the quarry. Information: (801) 789-2115

o The Utah Field House of Natural History State Park and Dinosaur Gardens in Vernal features a display of 18 life-sized extinct animals, murals of prehistoric scenes, and a large fossil exhibit. Information: (801) 789-3799

o Dinosaur Day in Vernal is scheduled for July 12 and features an arts & crafts show, kids' games, lecture, special exhibits and barbecued dinoburgers. Information: (800) 477-5558.

Price, UT o The College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in Price showcases six complete skeletons from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Other exhibits include dinosaur tracks and eggs, the magnificent skeleton of a Columbian mammoth and information about the Utahraptor featured in Jurassic Park. Information: (801) 637-5060 or (800) 842- 0789.

o Located 35 miles south of Price is the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, one of the most productive Jurassic period dinosaur quarries in existence. Since 1928, more than 12,000 bones have been removed from this quarry, which has produced 44 complete Allosaurus specimens. The quarry is home to an exhibit of the only known stegosaurus footprints ever found. Information: (801) 637-3600 or (800) 842- 0789.

Moab, UT o The area near Moab, Utah, contains three dinosaur interpretive sites which include tracks, fossils and petrified wood: Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, Sauropod Dinosaur Tracksite and Potash Road Dinosaur Tracks. Both the Dan O'Laurie Museum in Moab and Dead Horse Point State Park north of town contain exhibits and displays on paleontology, dinosaur bones and plants. Information: (800) 635- 6622

Fruita/Grand Junction, CO o Devils Canyon Science & Learning Center in Fruita features more than a dozen animated full-sized and half-sized robotic dinosaurs, an earthquake simulator, working paleontology lab, and plenty of hands- on activities for children. The special "Genesis" exhibit chronicles 4.6 billion years of life through a timeline of fossil casts in a gallery setting. 1-800-DIG-DINO or (970) 858-7282

o Located in downtown Grand Junction, Dinosaur Valley Museum, a division of the Museum of Western Colorado, features half-sized robotic creatures, dinosaur skeletons and a working paleontology lab. The Museum of Western Colorado also sponsors one-day dinosaur digs. Information: (970) 242-0971

o The Mygatt-Moore Quarry is located west of Devils Canyon within the Rabbit Valley Research Natural Area. Here, the fossilized remains of more than a dozen dinosaur species have been found. The Bureau of Land Management supervises expeditions at the quarry, conducted by both Dinamation International Society and the Museum of Western Colorado. Information: 1-800-DIG-DINO.

o Dinosaur Days in Grand Junction, CO, is scheduled for July 17-20. This popular event features the Pteranadon Ptrot 5K run/walk, Stegosaurus Stomp street dance, a downtown parade, kids' activities, lectures and quarry tours. 1-800-962-2547