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Denver Firefighters Museum, Denver, CO

by Dawn Janov
Colorado Attractions: Denver Firefighters Museum - horse drawn, Denver, Colorado

Fire was a major threat to everyone during the settlement of the Wild West. When an entire town could fast be destroyed by the raging flames, the volunteer firefighter and early fire stations were a lifeline from eminent destruction. This was then, as it is today, a hot, dirty, wet job with abundant heroes putting their lives on the line to save buildings and lives.

From manpowered Hose Carts (who could get to fires faster than harnessing horses) to a Hook and Ladder company who slopped water in buckets, handing them hand over hand to a line of men positioned up a ladder to the fire itself, and finally to motorized fire trucks, the Denver Firefighters Museum keeps the history alive for both young and old.

Located in the downtown area of Denver, the Museum is the site of the Historic Station Number One. Constructed in 1909, Station Number One, served all of the business district of early Denver and boasted that it was the largest firehouse ever built in the Rocky Mountain region at that time. Colorado Attractions: Denver Firefighters Museum, Denver, ColoradoThe original two story building hosted firemen, fire equipment and horses with the stables and work area downstairs and a hayloft above. You can still see the original wooden doors, original woodwork and fire poles and many old fire apparatuses, photos and trucks.

This is a user friendly museum where you can touch the equipment, look inside to see all the dashboard controls, put on a firefighter's helmet and feel the past come alive.

  • Admission: $4.00 adults, $3.00 seniors, $2.00 children 14 and under.
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Directions: One block from the U.S. Mint on W. Colfax at the intersection of
    13th Street and Tremont Place.
  • Address: 1326 Tremont Place, Denver, Colorado 80204
  • Phone: (303) 892-1436
photos used by permission Denver Firefighters Museum, Denver, CO

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